Summit 2013

Summit 2013


Generalized Cubic EOS
Reduced Order Model Applied to Water Flooding Optimization
Water injection Enhanced Recovery in Shale Formations
Numerical performance of reduction numerical methods for single-phase flow in rough grids and with discontinuous permeability
Low Tension Flood in Tight Oil Formations
Development of a Platform for Parallel Reservoir Simulators
Coupled Reservoir and Geomechanical Simulation of Underground Coal Gasification
Improving Permeability Modeling in a Large Offshore Carbonate Field Using Near Wellbore Upscalling and Dynamic Calibration Workflow


Unconventional Reservoir Modeling – Complex Structure Well – Part II
3D Geological Modeling with Sketches and Annotations
A Generalized Framework Model for Unconventional Gas Reservoir Simulation
A Novel Framework for History Matching Incorporating Geo-Engineering Knowledge- Teal South Case Study
A Numerical Method for a Model of Two Phase Flow in a Coupled Free Flow and Porous Media System
Advances in EOR in Unconventional Reservoirs
Advancing Reservoir Geomechanics Research for Unconventional Resources
Analytical Study of Gas Slippage
Carbonate Reservoir Simulation
Combining Discrete Fracture and Matrix with Multi-Rate Dual-Porosity Modeling
Compatible Numerical Algorithms for Multi-physics and Multi-scale Modeling of Subsurface Flow and Transport
Determination of Molecular Diffusion Coefficient in Domains with Significant Volume Change – Case of Propane Dissolution in Bitumen
Development of a Four Phase Compositional Simulator Using Equation of State
Enhanced Reliability within CO2 Modeling and Monitoring
Exploring High-dimensional Parameter Spaces with Backward Projection
FCMG Chair Scalable Reservoir Visualization
Interactive Visual Exploration of high-Dimensional Oil and Gas Data
Multi-physics, Optimization, and Uncertainty Propagation – Part II
Multi-physics, Optimization, And Uncertainty Propagation – Part I
Numerical Simulation of IOR and EOR Processes in a Carbonate Reservoir Outcrop Analogue
Robust Reduced Complexity Modeling (R2CM) in Reservoir Engineering
Reaction Constants in Underground Coal Gasification Simulation
Reactive Flow Simulation Overview
Semi-Analytical Solutions for Release of Fluids From Rock Matrix Blocks With Different Shapes, Sizes and Depletion Regimes
Simulation of Polymer Flooding in Heavy Oil
Assisting Reservoir Exploration With Multi-Surface Systems
Unconventional Reservoir Modeling – Complex Structure Well – Part I
Visual Steering for Geological Well-Testing
Water Injection Enhanced Recovery in Shale Formations

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