‘Oil is Well’ at University of Bergen, Norway

‘Oil is Well’ at University of Bergen, Norway

CALGARY & BERGEN — Foundation CMG (FCMG) has announced the renewal of their sponsorship of the FCMG Industrial Research Chair in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), held by Dr. Arne Skauge at the University of Bergen since October 2011.  The CAD 2.1 million contribution over the next 5 years, with potential matching funds amounting to CAD 11.2 million, would provide financial support for Professor Skauge to continue the Chair program to train graduate students and conduct research on EOR methods.  The program will involve 4 professors/associate professors, 11 principal/senior scientists and 3 post-doctoral researchers. About 6 PhD and 11 MSc students will be enrolled in the Chair program annually.

“With strong industry and government support, the FCMG Chair at the University of Bergen is making advances in EOR research that could have worldwide applications.  FCMG is pleased to extend our support of the Chair program.”

Duke Anderson, President Foundation CMG

Recognized as an international EOR expert, Dr. Skauge has been conducting relevant research in EOR technologies, particularly in polymer flooding and miscible/immiscible gas flooding.  He was also instrumental in the successful implementation of many field pilots to test various EOR schemes.  As oil reservoirs in the world are maturing, EOR technologies are going to play a more significant role in maximizing the economic recovery of these resources, in order to meet global energy demand well into the future.

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