UNISIM Energi Simulation Workshop

UNISIM Energi Simulation Workshop

August 9 & 10, 2018

University of Campinas UNISIM hosted their II Energi Simulation Workshop in Optimization and Integration between Reservoir and Production Systems. The technical event was held at the FEM (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) and was attended by approximately 50 people.

The technical presentations were related to research projects under development at UNISIM and covered the entire CLRDM (closed loop reservoir development and management) methodology which is based on 12 steps for decision analysis related to petroleum fields development and management. It included reservoir simulation, risk analysis, history matching, uncertainty reduction, representative models and selection of production strategy under uncertainty. The entire process is integrated with geosciences (reservoir characterization and representation including uncertainties), production facilities (MIP) and economics.

The technical sessions were followed by an advisory board meeting for general discussion about the progress of projects and planning for the future of the research. Attending the event were Duke Anderson and Andrew Seto (Energi Simulation), Victor Salazar (Computer Modelling Group), Marco Cardoso, Alexandre Emerick and Fábio Coelho (Petrobras), Frances Abbots and Moises Silva (Shell), Prof. Leonardo Guimarães (UFPE -Federal University of Pernambuco) and professors, researchers and students from UNICAMP.