Summit 2018

Summit 2018

October 2 & 3: Energi Simulation Summit 2018.


Giovanni Grasselli Fundamental Petroleum Rock Physics Rock Mechanics
Rick Chalaturnyk Reservoir Geomechanics of Unconventional Resources
Zuleima Karpyn Experimental Investigation of Gas Storage and Transport in Shales
Suzanne Hurter Coal Steam Gas and CO2 Storage Modelling in the Suart Basin Queensland Australia
Leonardo Guimaraes Fractured Reservoir under Depletion Optimization under Uncertainty
Eric Mackay Reactive Flow Simulation
Michael King Novel Data Driven Methods for Unconventional Reservoir Performance Analysis
Behnam Jafarpour Using Production Data for Geologic Scenario Selection
Denis Schiozer Integration of Reservoir Simulation Production Facilities
Sebastian Geiger Modelling Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs A Fresh Look at a Very Old Problem
Eduardo Gildin Data Driven and Parametric Model Reduction using Hybrid Approaches
Kristian Jessen Diffusive Mass Transfer in Fractured Systems
John Chen New Parallel Reservoir, Geomechanics and Wellbore Simulators
Arne Skauge Modelling of Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes
Russell T. Johns Relative Permeability as a State Function


HWU Al-Rudaini The limitations of Using Dual Porosity Models When Simulating Chemically Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes
HWU G WANG Analysis of 3PRP functions for near-miscible systems
UofC 2018 Bo Yang A Parallel In-Situ Combustion Reservoir Simulator on Distributed-Memory Computers
Campinas VAZ Evaluation of Subsea Gas-Liquid Separation (SGLS) with Gas Reinjection for a Pre-Salt Field
UofC 2018 HuiLiu Development of a New Parallel Thermal Simulator on Supercomputers
UofC 2018 Ehsan Amirian Data-Driven Analytics for Production Forecasting
Bergen Jørgen Gausdal Jacobsen Polymer in-situ viscosity estimation
CSM Ye Tian Scaling Law For Slip Flow of Gases in Nanoporous Media from Nanofluidics, Rocks, and Pore-Scale Simulations
UFPE Horowitz Wellano Robust Reservoir Management Optimization
UofC 2018 Hojjat Khani Geologically Consistent History Matching of SAGD Process
HWU SILVA Oilfield Scale Prediction Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modelling
Campinas SANTOS Influence of Well Control Parameters in The Development of Petroleum Fields Under Uncertainties
UQ 2018 Hoerning Impact of Geostatistical Techniques on Resource Volume and Flow
USC 2018 Zheng Jahandideh Jafarpour Field Development Optimization Under Geologic and Future Development Uncertainties
PennState Khaled Enab Zuleima Karpyn Artificial Neural Network Toolbox for CO2-WAG Injection using Fishbone Well Design in Low Permeability Oil Res
UFPE Laura Raquel Coupled Geomechanics & Fractured Media
USC 2018 Evan Link Coarse-Scale Modelling of Diffusive Mass Transfer in Dual-Porosity Systems
HWU Alfredo Freites Camacaro Deriving Key Near-Wellbore Fracture Parameters from Interval Pressure Transient Tests
Campinas SAALFELD Upscaling Workflow Based on Characteristic Flow Units to Increase Reservoir Forecast Reliability
HWU Lesly Gutierrez Sosa Stress Influence on Fracture Permeability Geomechanical Coupling with Flow Diagnostics
Texas A&M Nunna Diffuse Source Upscaling and Multiscale Simulation
UQ 2018 IAltaf Reservoir Geostorage Capacity Modification Due To CO2-Rock Chemical Reactions A Rock Mechanics Perspective
CSM BowenYao Extensive Investigation of Injection Induced Fracturing with Super Critical CO2
UQ 2018 Xiaoling Li_Enhanced Water Recovery from Carbon Storage in Depleting Groundwater Aquifers
PennState Cronin Modelling of Ultra-Tight Shale Production Using Only Diffusion
UofT 2018 Johnson Ha-Aly Abdelaziz Hydraulic Fracturing under True Triaxial Conditions
Bergen Nematollah Zamani_Pore Scale Modelling of EOR
UofA Chuan Experimental Investigation of Rock Dynamic Geomechanical Properties at Seismic Frequencies
PennState Nirjhor Chakraborty_Confinement-Induced Phase Densification in Ultratight Marcellus Shale
UofC 2018 KunWang_Artificial Neural Network Accelerated Compositional Simulations
UofA Sebastian Use of 3D-Printed Analogues to Study Two-Phase Flow Through in Fractures
HWU Jackson Andreas Pola Core-Scale Modelling of Surfactant Imbibition Induced Wettability Alteration in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
UofC 2018 Moein Elahi Enhanced Oil Recovery and In-Situ Upgrading of Heavy Oil by using Nano-Catalysts
UofT 2018 Yusheng Qiu Aly Abdelaziz Micromechanical Characterization of the Lower Triassic Montney Claraia Bistrome
UFPE Leonardo Artur Multi-physics, Optimization & Uncertainty Propagation
UofA Angel Effects of triaxial Stress and Strain on Multiphase Fracture Flow Using 3D Printed Fractures
USC 2018 Razak Ma BehnamJafarpour Calibration of Complex Geologic Models Against Production Data
UofT 2018 Yu-Wang Laboratory low frequency attenuation measurements on synthetic sandstone
Texas AM egildin Hardik Data Driven and Parametric Model Reduction using Hybrid Approaches
UofT 2018 Aly Abdelaziz Microcracks Orientation and their Effect on Macroscopic Strength

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