Summit 2019

Summit 2019

October 3 & 4: Energi Simulation Summit 2019.


UT – Dr. Giovanni Grasselli – Understanding Induced Seismicity in the Montney Play using Lab, Production and Theoritical Data
USC – Dr. Behnam Jafarpour – Dynamic Reservoir Characterization Research Overview
UQ – Dr. Suzanne Hurter – Going beyond Gauss Using Spatial Structures to Represent Reservoir Heterogeneity
UofCampinas – Dr. Denis Schoizer- 12 Steps Model Based Reservoir Management
UofC- Dr. John Chen- The Continnum from Concepts to Proven Technologies A Steam Solvent Co-Injection Case Study
UofB – Dr. Arne Skauge – Polymer Flow Mechanisms Update
UFPE- Dr. Leonardo Guimaraes – Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical and Chemical Analysis of Naturally Fractured Carbonates
UA – Dr. Chalaturnyk – Upscaling for Coupled Reservoir-Geomechanical SAGD Simulation
TAMU – Dr. Eduardo Gildin – Model Reduction at the Crossroad Model – based or Data – based
PSU – Dr. Zuleima Karpyn – Comparative Analysis of Gas-Liquid Diffusion in Permeable Media using Lab – Scale Pressure Decay Data
PSU – Dr. Russel Johns – New State Function Technology for Petrophysical Interpretation and Scaling
HWU – Dr. Geiger
CSM – Dr. Yu Shu Wu – Multi-Physics Numerical Simulation of CO2-EOR Processes
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UofC- Hadi Saboorian Jooybari – Prediction of Surfactant-Oil-Brine Phase Behavior–Phase I Analytical Modeling of Electric Potential Distribution
HW- Sebastian Geiger – Carbonate Reservoir Simulation
HW- Yevhen Holubnyak-The fate of CO2 Injected in a Carbonate Reservoir, and what the Geochemical Data Tell us about its Impact on Flow and Oil Recovery
UOFC- Ngoc Nguyen – Advances in Modelling Chemical EOR and Hybrid Processes
HW- Jackson Pola – The Impact of Micro-and Meso-scale Heterogeneities on Surfactant Flooding in Carbonate Reservoirs
UQ – Venessa Salomao de Santiago – Modelling the Contribution of Individual Seams to Coal Seam Gas Production
PSU- Jonathan Garcez – Production Data Analysis of Unconventional Gas Wells Under Variable Rate and Pressure Conditions
UFPE- Katia Botelho Torres Galindo – Modeling of Carbonate Rocks under Acidic Water Injection
UFPE- Dilayne Oliveria – Multi-Physics, Optimization, and Uncertainty Propagation
UOFC-Dongqi Ji – Modelling of Electromagnetic Heating Process and Its Applications in Oil Sands Reservoirs
UofT-Yusheng Qiu – Analysis of Seismic Hazards in the Montney through Completions Data
USC- Junje Yu – Machine Learning-Based Proxy Models for Waterflood Management
PSU-Xuanquing Lou – Experimental Study of Gas-Liquid Diffusion in Permeable Media and Bulk Fluids
UofT- Earl Magsipoc – Shear Dilation and Fluid Transmissivity of Rock Fractures Based on Quantified Surface Description
UniCamp- Gilson Moura Silva Neto – Seismic data assimilation considering model errors
Texas A&M- Ching-Hsien Liu – Upscaling of the Amellago Carbonate Reservoir Model
PSU – Michael Cronin – Modeling Primary Recovery and Huff’n’Puff Using a Diffusion Only Model
HW- Alexandros Patsoukis Dimou – About the use of 3D printed micromodels to investigate Single- and Two-Phase flow
CSM- Xiangyu Zu – Integrated Hydraulic Fracturing Simulation and Optimization Software FracOPT
UofT- Meil Li – Mapping fracture complexity in shale rock
CSM- Ye Tian – A Compositional Model for Modeling Gas Injection in Tight Oil Reservoirs
UniCamp- Floran Almedia – Uncertainty Reduction of Scalar and Spatial Reservoir Properties in a Cyclical Automated Process Coupled with Geological
UofC- Moein Elahi – Heavy Oil Recovery by a Nano-Catalytic In-Situ Upgrading Process
UofC_Ehsan Aliabadian – Application of Polymer and Nano-materials for Heavy Oil Recovery Lab Experiment and Numerical Simulation
UniCamp- Alexandre De Lima- New approaches for flow modeling and upscaling in fractured karstic medium compared to a classic workflow
HW- Vahid Azari – Optimisation of Scale Inhibitor Application Design for Scale Control Management
UofT- Aly Abdelaziz – Hydraulic Fracturing Under True Triaxial Laboratory Conditions – The value of understanding your reservoir rock
USC- Chang Wu – Matrix-Fracture Interactions during EOR in Fractured Systems
UBergen- Mohamed Alzaabi – Possible Information gained from Polymer Injectivity Field Tests
USC- Syamil Mohd-Razak – Conditional Generative Adverserial Networks for Reservoir History Matching
UniCamp- Ashish Kumar Loomba – Improving the Closed-Loop Field Development Workflow based on Bottom-up Analysis
UBergen- Jorgen Gausdal Jacobsen – Modelling of Polymer Injectivity Experiments
UniCamp- Oscar Pena – Subsea Technologies for Produced Water Management in Offshore Heavy-oil Fields Using IPSM
UQ- Pouria Amani – Enhancing Coal Seam Gas Well Production via Foam Assisted Lift
UofC- Mohammad Hossein Nikpoor – Fine Migration Modeling and Challenges in Oil Reservoirs
USC – Ye Lyu – Investigation of Mass Transfer in Fractured Shales

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