Summit 2022

Summit 2022

September 20 & 21: Energi Simulation Summit 2022.


Adding value to the energy industry through laboratory testing by Giovanni Grasselli
Deciphering fracture properties using geological well-testing and machine learning by Sebastian Geiger and Alfredo Freites
Exploration and Operation (EXPO) for a more sustainable use of geothermal systems by Maren Brehme
Field-based observations for CO2 geological storage from 7 years of dynamic CO2 injection at the Aquistore CO2 storage site by Rick Chalaturnyk
Inter-Phase Component Transfer from EOR to CCUS Applications by Eric Mackay
Maximizing Oil Recovery under Energy Transition by Arne Skauge
Model-based short-term reservoir management by Denis Schiozer
Modeling and simulation of deformation bands and natural fracture network effects on fluid flow by Leonardo Guimaraes
Novel fluids for enhanced carbon storage by Ryosuke Okuno
Underground Hydrogen Storage a multiscale numerical-experimental study by Hadi Hajibeygi
Using blue hydrogen to decarbonize heavy oil and bitumen operations in Alberta, Canada by John Chen
Estimating formation properties and bit dynamics in real time using physics and data driven methods by Roman Shor
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Energi Simulation Summit 2022


A deeper dive exploring the mechanical behaviour of layered rock by Seyed Hosein Ghafouri
A semi-compositional approach to model asphaltene precipitation and deposition in solvent-based bitumen recovery processes by Maojie Chai
Active learning for geologic CO2 storage optimization with data-driven proxy models by Junjie Yu
Activity of nonionic surfactants on CO2 capture by amines by Omar Ali Carrasco-Jaim
Advanced modeling of compositional transport in tight formations by Sofiane H Achour
Agile and rapid design of 3D geothermal reservoir models by Kiley Baird
An algebraic multiscale solver for unstructured grids in 2-D by Artur Castiel Reis de Souza
Application of Microtomography & petrography techniques for the characterization of porosity of synthetic carbonatic rock minerals by Katia Torres Galindo
Assessing Infill drilling potentials by Geltom Viera Junior
Assessment of thermal effects for long term CO2 storage capacity estimates by Sandra Arias Garzon
Coreflooding experiments of oil recovery by aqueous formate solution by Hao Wang
Data-driven models for predicting SAGD production by Ziteng Huang
Dynamic data integration into subsurface flow models with deep learning architectures by Syamil Razak
Experimental characterization of hydrogen transport in the subsurface across scales by Maartje Boon
Fluid flow for GI and WAG by Paulo Lee
From grain to element thermal fracturing experiments to build better grain-based FDEM models by Ekaterina Ossetchkina
Heat flow simulation in variably saturated and naturally fractured subsurface reservoirs by Hamid Rafiee
Look what I found online! Integrating public access data to validate laboratory experiments for field applications by Thomas de Boer
Low carbon opportunities in Alberta carbon capture and storage + blue hydrogen by Kai Zhang 2022
Methodology for production strategy selection of heavy oil field through integration with subsea separation system by Diego Moreira Fontes
Mitigation of casing deformation during multistage hydraulic fracturing in unconventional reservoirs by Jhon Uribe
Molecular dynamics simulations for hydrogen transport properties by Willemijnvan Rooijen
Multiphase flow in 3D printed fractures under shear deformation by Sebastian Lopez Saavedra
Multiscale extended finite element method for the simulation of multiple cracks propagation in fractured geological formations by Fanxiang Xu
Natural fracture flow – mechanical and chemical degradation effects on carbonates by Ximena Rodriguez Florez
Numerical analysis of the post injection migration of a CO2 plume in a tilted storage aquifer with background water flow by Mawda Awag
Numerical simulation of two-phase flows in naturally fractured reservoirs using an embedded discrete fracture model & tetrahedral unstructured grids by Tulio
On impacts of inter-phase component transfer during subsurface CO2 injection by Masra Awag
Physics-guided deep learning for production forecasting in unconventional reservoirs by Jodel Cornelio
Prediction and optimization of geothermal energy production with deep learning models by Zhen Qin
Production strategy optimization through model-based decision analysis to manage a heavy oil reservoir polymer flooding and intelligent wells Andres Sanchez
See the unseen – high-resolution imaging and characterizing laboratory fractures in layered anisotropic rocks by Earl Magsipoc
Strength-deformation behavior from micro- to macro-scale by Atena Bahrami
Updated reservoir geometry and set up of the Lahendong high-enthalpy geothermal field – 3D static models by Lily Suherlina
Virtual reality (VR) implementation of reservoir models and integration with artificial intelligence (AI) by Die Hu