Field work supported by Energi Simulation in South Sumatra-Indonesia

Field work supported by Energi Simulation in South Sumatra-Indonesia

Three female researchers from ETH Zürich and a technician from GFZ Potsdam currently conduct fieldwork in South Sumatra, specifically focusing on Lake Ranau. The fieldwork team is part of the EXPO group under the lead of Dr. Maren Brehme, Energi Simulation Chair at ETH Zurich.

The purpose of their research is to investigate the geothermal potential of the area. The team works in collaboration with ITB the Technical University of Bandung and PLN the national electricity provider, combining academic expertise with practical industry knowledge.

To gather data and assess the geothermal resources, the team employs various methods during their fieldwork: They conduct bathymetry, which involves measuring the depths and contours of the lake’s underwater terrain. Additionally, they utilize an underwater drone to explore and document the submerged features of the lake.  The team also collects hot spring samples, aiming to analyze the chemical composition and temperature of the springs. These samples can provide valuable information about the geothermal activity in the area. Furthermore, sediment samples are extracted from the bottom of the lake to study the geological history and identify any signs of geothermal activity.  Structural mapping was another crucial aspect of their study. By examining the rock formations and geological structures in the region, the team aims to identify potential pathways for geothermal fluids and detect areas of high geothermal potential.

Through their comprehensive fieldwork and collaboration with the university and company, the team seeks to gain a better understanding of the geothermal resources present in the South Sumatra region. The data and insights obtained from this study can contribute to future geothermal exploration and development efforts in the area, potentially unlocking a sustainable and renewable energy source for the local community.