Summit 2023

Summit 2023

OCTOBER 24 – 25: Energi Simulation Summit 2023.



Campinas University_ Model-based reservoir management Life-cycle, short-term and real time – Denis Schiozer
University of Texas at Austin_Novel Fluids for Carbon Capture, Utilizationz, Transportation, and Storage – Ryosuke Okuno
Federal University of Pernambuco_Chemo-Mechanical Elastoplastic Models Applied to CCS Projects – Leonardo Guimaraes
University of Calgary_Reservoir Simulation Based on Physics_Informed Spatial_Temporal Machine Learning – Zhangxing (John) Chen
ETH Zurich Geothermal Exploration and Operation – Maren Brehme
Heriot-Watt_Modelling of Viscous fingering – Arne Skauge
University of Toronto_Rock fabric and not principal stress dictates SRV_ how a discounted data point still plagues our industry – Giovanni Grasselli
TU Delft_ Underground Hydrogen Storage_Towards Building Confidence – Hadi Hajibeygi
TU Delft_Fast Assessment of Geological Uncertainties for CCS with RRM – Sebastian Geiger
University of Alberta_Aquistore and Efficiency Factors – Rick Chalaturnyk
Univerity of Calgary_Advancing Solutions for Geothermal Systems – Roman Shor
University of Southern California_Active Learning for Efficient Well Control Optimization – Behnam Jafarpour
Heriot-Watt University CO2 migration in dipping structures by Eric Mackay
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Energi Simulation Summit 2023 Presentations


UToronto- Effect of H2 on Salt Caverns During Fast Cycling Injection-production_ Julie Younes
UToronto – Refracturing Behaviour with In-Situ Leaching_Brant Zeeman
UToronto – Investigating Thermal Gradient Cracking and Fracture_Kareem Aboayanah
UToronto – Characterizing Anisotropy in the Montney Formation Thomas de Boer
UTexasA – Physical CO2Capture using Dimethyl Carbonate Omar Ali Carrasco Jaim
UTexasA – FormateProduction from Bicarbonate Electroreduction – Omar Ali Carrasco
UTexasA – Aqueous Nanobubble Dispersion For Geological Carbon Storage – Tesleem Lawal
USC – Physics-Guided Deep Learning for GeologicCO2Storage – Zhen Qin
USC – Data-Driven Geologic CO2Storage Monitoring – Yingxiang Liu
UNICAMP – Production Strategy Optimization through Model-Based Decision Analysis to Manage Heavy Oil Reservoir Anadres Peralta
UNICAMP – Influence Of Production System Integration On Polymer Flooding In Heavy Oil Reservoir – Lorena C Batista
UNICAMP – Evaluation Of Infill Well Drilling Alternatives In A Mature Oil Field – Geltom L Vieira Jr
UNICAMP – Comparing WAG-CO2 Injection with continuous water and gas injection in separate wells -Josias Pereira
UFPE – Simulation Of Submarine Landslide Using Material Point Method (MPM) – Aline Honorato
UFPE – Proxy For Reservoir Simulation Based On Deep Learning Techniques For Time Series Forecasting – Alexandre_de_Souza_Jr
UFPE – Control Of Mineralogy, Roughness, And Rock Fabric On Fracture Carbonate Rocks Under Acid Flow – Ximena Rodriguez Florez
UC Improving Geothermal Energy Efficiency_Using Data Science to optimize thermal storage & mitigate dysfunctions-Prathik Prasad
UC -RS – Numerical Investigation Of Vertical Borehole Heat Exchanger Of A Ground Source Heat Pump System – Philip Adebayo
UC -RS – Co-Axial Closed Loop Geothermal System Modeling – GMeehan
UC – RS – Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Simulation_Building to Boreholes_ Nicholas Fry
UC – JC – History matching reservoir models with many-objectiveBayesian optimization StevenSamoil
UC – JC – AScalableThermalReservoirSimulationforGiantModelsonParallelComputers LihuaShen
UA – Seismic Geomechanics and Induced Seismicity using a Virtual Rock Mass Modelling Approach – Hediyeh Selatahneh
UA – Early 0.5 MT Injection Calculation of an Efficiency Factor at the Aquistore Project Canada – Shima Vahidinia
UA – Characterizing Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Inclined Heterolithic Sequences – Bingyu Xie
UA – Anisotropy and Size Dependency in Sandstone Mechanical Behavior_Numerical Analysis with XRM Data- Athena Bahramiyarahmadi
TUDelft-Multiscale Extended Finite Element Method for Simulation of Cracks Propagation in Fractured Geological Form- Fanxiang_Xu
TUDelft – A multiscale framework for reliable site selection for UHS – Willemijn van Rooijen
TUDelft – Pore-scale study of hydrogen transport in porous media_Leila Hashemi
TUD – SG – UsingMachineLearningtoCharacterizeFluidFlowBehaviourinFracturedGeothermalReservoirs – ElaheKamel Targhi
TUD – SG – Practical Screening of geological uncertainty in proposed low-enthalpy geothermal developments-Kiley Baird
TUD – SG – A digital twin for the TU Delft campus geothermal project_ First concepts – guofeng song
TUD – HH – A Hybrid Analytical-numerical Simulation Method for the Study of Induced Seismicity – sara_behbahani
TU Delft Deciphering the heterogeneity in geogenic arsenic Modelling by Santosh Kumar
HWU – Unstable Flow In Compositional Wag Injections – Paulo Chang
HWU – Optimisation of Injection Brine Composition and Impact of – Ali Al-Behadili
HWU – Low Carbon EOR by Applying near-miscible WAG Processes – S Mahmoudvand
HWU – Impact of viscous fingering on CO2 storage -Saeid Ashtari Larki
HWU – Impact of EOR Polymers on Scale Inhibition – Celia Silva
HWU – Coupled Adsorption and Precipitation Modelling of Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Treatments – M Kalantari Meybodi
HWU – Calcite Scaling under CO2-WAG EOR – PGusmao
ETH – Investigation of aquifer heterogeneity and its influence on the injectioin efficiency_ Abel Markó
ETH – Investigating the chemical reactivity of CO2-rich fluids under elevated pressure & temperature conditions_Nicolas Rangel Jurado
ETH – IN-SITU Monitoring of Mineral Precipitation_Profile in Porus Media- Anna Kottsova
ETH – Assessment and Optimization of CO2-Based Geothermal Energy Production from Partially Depleted Oil Reservoirs_Serhat Kucuk
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Energi Simulation Summit 2023 Poster Videos